• Tigers-Yankees, Game 1, 2012 ALCS

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    Feel free to use this entry as a place for you to share your opinions, observations, complaints, rooting, and other sundry comments with fellow fans during the playing of the Yankees game this evening.

    2012 League Championship Series

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    Tigers-Yankees and Cardinals-Giants. (Man, Nationals fans must be kicking themselves today.)

    So, who’s advancing to the World Series?

    I think the National League is anyone’s guess. And, if the American League, if Cabrera and Fielder show up, and if the Yankees bats are as quiet as they were in the ALDS, we could see the Tigers advance. But, anything can happen. Miggy and Prince didn’t exactly light it up in the ALDS. Gotta play the games and see what happens…

    And, of course, let’s go, Yankees!

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