• Melky Injured

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    Lohud’s Sam Borden has the news :

    It’s believed Cabrera could have suffered a full hamstring tear during Game 4

    This shortens the line-up that much more in an NL ballpark.

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    Phillies Alter World Series Rotation

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    In a decision that could impact the results of the World Series, the Phillies have elected to start Joe Blanton over Cliff Lee in game 4.  ESPN has the story.

    Personally, I’m very shocked by this news. You’d think with the ball game that Lee tossed in game 1, it would be a no brainer to trot him out again on Sunday against Sabathia. Apparently Manuel is afraid that Lee would not be that strong on 3 days rest, as he hasn’t done it before in his career. I’m glad.

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    More MiLB Goodies: BA’s 2009 Draft Report Card

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    Continuing with recentlypublished storylines about the state of the Yanks farm system, Baseball America released their first batch of 2009 Draft Report Cards.  BA non-subscribers take heart: the information you seek resides below!

    Position Players:
    Best Pure Hitter:  J.R. Murphy, C (Pendleton HS, Bradenton, Fla.)
    Best Power Hitter:  Slade Heathcott, OF (Texas HS, Texarkana, Texas)
    Fastest Runner:  Slade Heathcott
    Best Defensive Player:  Slade Heathcott

    Best Fastball:  Adam Warren, RHP (University of North Carolina)
    Best Secondary Pitch:  Bryan Mitchell, RHP (Rockingham County HS, Reidsville, N.C)

    Odds & Ends:
    Best Pro Debut:  Adam Warren
    Best Athlete:  Slade Heathcott
    Closest To The Majors:  Caleb Cotham, RHP (Vanderbilt University)
    Best Late Round Pick:  Bryan Mitchell
    One That Got Away:  Tyler Lyons, LHP (Oklahoma State University).  My feelings on this topic are well known.

    All in all, it looks like the Yanks did a pretty decent job of grabbing some premium positional player talent while also continuing to stockpile arms with some projectability and upside.  As I mentioned in my first MiLB roundup, I have a friend that has scouted Adam Warren a number of times and has me pretty excited about his future.  In case anyone is interested, video of Adam Warren can be found here and here, courtesy of PnR Scouting.

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    BA Ranks Yanks’ MiLB Prospects By League (Part II)

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    Closing the loop on my previous post, BA.com released their Top 20 Prospects for the International (Triple A) League.

    International League:
    Austin Jackson, OF (7)

    This should come as no surprise.  “AJax” was the Yanks’ only high-ceiling prospect at Scranton/AAA and had a somewhat nice debut as a full-season member of the Yankees highest minor league affiliate.

    From BA’s write-up (which is for subscribers only):

    Jackson was the most exciting player to spend the full season in the IL, flashing all five tools while leading the circuit in triples and ranking second in hits. He drew comparisons to Torii Hunter, albeit with less power.

    Jackson has bat speed and strength, but he hit just four homers and slugged only .405. While he batted .300, his 123-40 K-BB ratio was the worst of his five-year pro career. As he continues to refine his pitch recognition and plate discipline, he should continue to hit for average with at least solid power. He has slightly above-average speed and is an intelligent baserunner who will steal some bases.

    Though he’s not a blazer, Jackson played all three outfield positions for Scranton and could handle center field in the major leagues. He covers a lot of ground and makes accurate throws with an above-average arm.

    At 22, Jackson is age-appropriate for the league and could probably use another full year of seasoning at this level. 

    Of notable non-Yankees on this list are three guys that made an impact in the big leagues this year — Matt Wieters; C-BAL (1), Tommy Hanson; RHP-ATL (2) and Andrew McCutchen; OF-PIT (3) — as well as my favorite young pitcher in the big leagues (Chris Tillman; RHP-BAL (4)) and Jackson’s former teammate, Jose Tabata; OF-PIT (13).

    As far as teams we hate, the Mets had Fernando Martinez; OF (12) and the Red Sox had no one on the list.  Sucks to be them (wink).

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    Yanks Going For Three-Way?

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    According to ESPN.com, the Yanks are leaning towards going with a three-man rotation of Sabathia, Burnett and Pettitte, thus keeping Gaudin and Chamberlain in the bullpen.  I can’t blame Girardi for:

    (1) putting his faith in Sabathia on short rest, given that Sabathia has pitched on short rest in the past.  He’s the ace and he’s going to be counted on like one; and
    (2) having no confidence in either Gaudin or Chamberlain to provide a quality start in a high-pressure situation.

    For all the talk going into the final six weeks of the season about how the Yanks’ biggest post-season vulnerability was the unsettled state of their 4th and 5th starters, I like this move and I’m definitely backing Girardi on this one.  If you want to win, go for the jugular and put the ball in the hands of your big dogs.  That being said, it’ll be open season on General Joe and CC if this move backfires.

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    BA Ranks Yanks’ MiLB Prospects By League

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    Although the Yanks are in the middle of what we all hope is a deep and fruitful playoff run, the good folks at Baseball America are already working to provide prospect hounds with lists galore to sink their teeth into.

    Over the past few weeks, they’ve already released their Top 20 Prospects for the New York-Penn (Short Season A), South Atlantic (Low-A), Florida State (High-A) and Eastern (Double A) Leagues.  Although BA has released their rankings for several other leagues, for our purposes we’ll only (briefly) focus on those leagues where the Yanks have affiliations.

    NY-Penn League:
    Arodys Vizcaino, RHP (3)
    Adam Warren, RHP (12)
    Jimmy Paredes, 2B (14)
    Neil Medchill, OF (18)

    Not a bad state of the union for the Staten Island Yankees, having four of the top 20 Short Season prospects in the league.  Of the four, only Vizcaino is considered an elite talent but it never hurts to see two of the members of the Yanks ’09 draft class already distinguishing themselves among their peers.  As an aside, I have a friend who raves about Adam Warren, having scouted him seven times over the past few years.  Although he “only” projects as a back-end starter, because he was a polished college pitcher he’ll probably be on the radar by early 2011, if not sooner.

    South Atlantic League:
    Manny Banuelos, LHP (9)
    Melky Mesa, OF (20)

    A little less to rave about here for the Charleston Riverdogs.  I’ve read nice things about Mexican League signee Banuelos, who, at 18 years old, looks like he might be ready for a promotion to Tampa in the very near future.  The other Melky is a raw prospect who is probably too old (22) to be down in Low-A but who does have some interesting tools.

    Florida State League:
    Jesus Montero, C (2)
    Austin Romine, C (10)

    Far be it for me to quarrel with the folks that do this for a living but I can’t really understand the value of ranking Montero as the second-best prospect in a league that he graduated from several months ago.  Suffice it to say that Montero’s bat was far too much for FSL pitchers to deal with and everyone was glad that he moved out of Tampa for good.  Oh, and that Romine kid took down FSL MVP honors this year.  Not too shabby.

    Eastern League:
    Jesus Montero, C (5)
    Zach McAllister, RHP (19)

    Hey, there HE is again!  Yankee fans shouldn’t be discouraged that Montero only finished 5th in the Eastern League ranking seeing as though he was not only the youngest player in the ranking but also that three of the four players ahead of him were first-round draft picks.  I know some Yankee fans are very high on McAllister but I just don’t like his game too much.  He had a great year and I’d be fine with them looking to trade him while he’s got value.

    Anyway, since we’ve got four long days to kill before Game 1 of the ALCS, I figured I’d break the monotony with a little bit of MiLB news.

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    Yankees: Tex HBP NOT Intentional

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    Josh Thomson Of the Lohud Yankees Blog Wrote:

    Both Teixeira and Girardi were a bit short in answering the question, but they said the pitch from David Price was NOT intentional.

    If I were Evan Longoria, I’d wear an extra few pads on April 9th, 10th and 11th. Sounds, to me, like they are downplaying it for next year.

    – Posted By Corey

    Big Step For Kennedy

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    Last night, Ian Kennedy made another nice stride toward his recovery from an annyurism, as he tossed 3 pefect innings against AAA Durham, striking out 6 in the process. The reason he was pulled after 3 innings was that he was on a 50 pitch limit. Kennedy will now head to the Arizona Fall League to continue his rehab. He will definitely get a look next year, so hopefully all goes well with his rehab.

    As for the rest of the game, unfortunately for Scranton, Kei Igawa came in relief of Kennedy and took the loss as he gave up 3 runs in 4 innings, leading to their second loss of the International League Championship Series. It’s a best-of-five series, so we may be looking at some more call-ups in the very near future.

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    The House That The NCAA Built?

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    First we found out that Yankee Stadium would reprise its role as the venue for the historic Notre Dame-Army football games.  Then, today we hear that there may be something called the “Yankee Bowl” where a Big East team and a Big 12 team will do battle in a post-season football game.

    I guess I’m a little surprised that there would be a clamor to play a bowl game in the inclement New York weather in mid- to late-December.  Given that bowl games are now big business for corporate sponsors and the universities that play in them, making fans sit in crappy weather seems a bit odd when you can send your fans and corporate sponsors to Honolulu, New Orleans, Orlando, San Diego or Tempe.  Then again, there are few places more enjoyable than New York around the holidays…

    As an aside, there is now talk to bring boxing back to the Bronx.  What’s next, the circus?

    -Posted by MJ

    No Time For D-Rob On The D-L

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    Pete Abe has the news :

    He could start throwing around Sept. 14 and that would give him ample time to get ready for the playoffs.

    Glad to see Robertson’s not going under the knife. He could potentially be a big piece to our playoff puzzle, so hopefully all he needs is to shut it down for a little bit.

    – Posted By Corey

    BA Talks With Former Yankee Farmhand Tabata

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    Courtesy of Baseball America’s website, there is a feature story on former Yankee prospect Jose Tabata.  Among other things, Tabata talks about his (and his father’s) idol, Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente.  As a big Clemente fan myself, I can definitely relate.

    Besides talking of his hero, the article quoted Indianapolis (AAA) Indians manager Frank Kremblas on Tabata’s developing game:

    “He has an above-average throwing arm.  He can play any of the outfield spots, but I think he’s most comfortable in right.  And his speed is above average – he’s a lot faster than people think.”

    More importantly, Kremblas said he hasn’t seen any of the negatives that cropped up for Tabata at the end of his time with the Yankees.

    “He always plays hard – there’s never a time when he doesn’t play hard,” Kremblas said.

    The one thing Kremblas said Tabata needs to continue to improve is more opportunities to play.

    “Defensively, he needs more repetitions in the outfield,” Kremblas said. “He needs to learn positioning against certain players and situations, and you can’t get those things any other way except by repetitions. And he needs as many at-bats as he can get.

     “But I think he’s capable of being an everyday big league player. I think his power will come with time, and he’ll become a 25-30 home run guy if he remains healthy and plays every day.”

    Nady and Marte and a failed run at the 2008 playoffs or a potentially bright future with Tabata.  I know what I would’ve picked.  There’s obviously no way of knowing if Tabata will develop the way his Triple-A manager thinks he will.  But it sure would’ve been nice to find out.

    -Posted by MJ

    “IPK” Headlines Notable Yanks Playing In Arizona Fall League

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    Courtesy of an article on the Baseball America website, the Yanks will be sending a handful of their prospects to play for the Surprise Rafters of the Arizona Fall League.

    The Yanks playing in Arizona this fall are:

    Ian Kennedy, RHP (AAA, SWB)
    Austin Romine, C (Hi-A, TAM)
    Brandon Laird, 3B (Hi-A, TAM)
    Colin Curtis, LF (AAA, SWB)

    The league also has spots for three more Yankee pitchers although those players haven’t been named yet.

    Joining the Yanks in Surprise, AZ is none other than the Mets’ 2008 first round draft pick Ike Davis.  After a wretched start to his pro career last year, Davis has had a very promising season and is now probably on the Mets radar for late 2010…

    Also, congrats to the aforementioned Romine.  He was selected as the Florida State League’s “Player of the Year” for the 2009 season.

    -Posted by MJ

    Kazmir On The Move Or: How The Rays Lost Their Nerve

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    Foxsports.com’s Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Angels are close to acquiring Tampa’s #1 starter, LHP Scott Kazmir.

    As a Yanks fan that has watched his team lose to Anaheim time and again in the regular season and the playoffs, this isn’t great news.  The only silver lining in this dark cloud is that Kazmir is oft-injured and inconsistent so maybe (just maybe) he goes out west and provides the same 50-50 flip-of-a-coin inconsistency for the Angels that he’s been giving Tampa all these years.

    What I want to know is why Tampa is cashing out of the playoff race now, when they could’ve gotten more for Kazmir during the non-waiver trading deadline.  Sure, Tampa has prospects in Hudson Valley (Short Season A-ball), Montgomery (AA) and Durham (AAA).  But I’m surprised they’d give up on ’09 when they’re still in the Wild Card hunt…especially with Boston coming to town for a key three-game series next week.

    For all the ass-kissing of the Tampa franchise over the past 18 months or so, I have to say this move makes no sense to me.  They’re a well-run franchise but they too are not infallible (despite what the chubby in Peter Gammons’s pants says).  Yeah, you could say that I’ve grown to dislike them.

    Update 4:50: SI.com’s John Heyman is also reporting this trade so it seems even more like a done deal.  Heyman is saying that the Rays will get back Double-A LHP Alexander Torres and High-A 3B Matthew Sweeney.  Interestingly, Heyman says that either Wade Davis or Andy Sonnanstine will take Kazmir’s spot in the rotation.  I get Wade Davis; he’s pretty solid.  Sonnanstine, however, well, I’ll just be diplomatic and say that he’s not quite up to MLB snuff…

    Update 5:30: MLB.com is reporting that this deal fell through.  Oh well.

    -Posted by MJ

    Phil Choke

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    To continue a thought that I had yesterday : Joel Sherman has this gem:

    Phil Coke is now tied with Ron Mahay for the most homers allowed by lefty who has pitched exclusively in relief this year. And Mahay was designated for assignment recently by the lowly Royals. More problematic is that Coke has permitted six homers to lefties, which is the most by a southpaw who has pitched exclusively in relief this season.

    With the abundance of left handed relievers (Zack Kroenke, Wilkins DeLaRosa, Mike Dunn) in the Yankees farm system, Coke may very well end up losing his job next season if he doesn’t turn it around soon.  Heck, he could lose it this season to Damaso Marte if he’s not careful.

    – Posted By Corey

    Is Tropical Storm Danny Going To Interfere With The AL East Crown?

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    Channeling my inner Steve:

    There’s a tropical storm brewing off the Atlantic coast of Florida right now and his name is Danny.  Why does this matter?  Well, according to weather.com, Tropical Storm Danny is predicted to start dumping rain in the New York metropolitan area by mid-afternoon and wash out the weekend.

    The White Sox are coming into Yankee Stadium for their only visit to the Bronx to play a three-game set this weekend.  Assuming tonight’s game is playable but that the worst of the storm hits New York on Saturday and rains out that game, a day-night doubleheader would have to be scheduled for Sunday.  The Yanks play in Baltimore on Monday while the White Sox play in Minnesota so it would be feasible to pull off the double-dip.

    However, if Sunday’s game is also rained out, we get into a bit of a dicey situation.  The teams could opt to schedule the make-up games as a double-header on a mutual off day.  The teams could also opt to make up one of the games on an off day and leave the second makeup game to the last day of the season, to be played if necessary.

    The Yanks and White Sox have common off days on 9/10 and 9/24 but, because the White Sox begin a six-game road trip on the West Coast starting on 9/11, it’s unlikely that they’d agree to fly from Chicago after their game on 9/9 to play at least one game on 9/10 and then fly all the way to Anaheim thereafter.

    That means that 9/24 is the most likely makeup date.  It just so happens that this is the Yanks’ last off day of the regular season and comes after a grueling six consecutive games against the Angels and Mariners…and right before the final homestand of the year against Boston.

    How much would it suck if the Yanks have to fly back from Seattle knowing that their off day is being used up to play the White Sox in a makeup game?  How much worse would it suck if that scenario played out right before the Yanks square off with the Red Sox in what might or might not be a division-clinching scenario?

    So, as it stands right now, we better all hope that a Sunday doubleheader is what we get this weekend.  I really don’t want to go into the final week of September with the division on the line and Boston on the horizon, having to play some stupid-ass games against Ozzie’s obnoxious club.

    -Posted by MJ

    Now Engaged, Number 2, Derek Jeter…Number 2

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    The Post has the story.

    He’s having, perhaps, the best year of his life huh?

    – Posted By Corey

    News From The North: Unlucky Penny

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    ESPN.com is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have granted Brad Penny his release.

    With Wakefield coming back strong last night, I guess Penny saw the writing on the wall and proactively decided that he’d rather jump ship than suffer the same humiliation as John Smoltz.

    Boston’ s rotation is now Beckett-Lester-Wakefield-Buchholz-??

    -Posted by MJ

    MLB Best Tools

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    To close the loop on Baseball America’s “Best Tools ’09” feature, BA has released its list of MLB’s best in 21 separate categories, listing the top three for each.  You’ll recall that Steve has already weighed in on the MiLB version of the same report.  So without further ado, here’s how our faves ranked:

    Best Power: Alex Rodriguez (2), Mark Teixeira (3)
    Best Hit-and-Run Artist: Derek Jeter (3)
    Best Curveball: A.J. Burnett (2)
    Best Pickoff Move: Andy Pettitte (1)
    Best Reliever: Mariano Rivera (1)
    Best Defensive 1B: Mark Teixeira (1)
    Best Defensive 2B: Robinson Cano (3)

    Not too shabby, huh?

    -Posted by MJ

    1st Rounder Makes Yankee Debut

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    Slade Heathcott made his yanks debut (albeit the Gulf Coast League Yankees) going 1-3 with his first professional base hit,  a single.

    Here’s a link to the box score.

    He batted lead off, and played center field…two things we could definitely use in the future. So here’s to you, Slade, we hope you have a very bright career in the Bronx.

    – Posted By Corey

    All These Years Later, Jim Rice Still Not A Yanks Fan?

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    Courtesy of ESPN.com:

    Apparently Jim Rice isn’t a big fan of the Yanks, singling out A-Rod and Jeter in a message to Little Leaguers playing in the Little League World Series.

    Speaking to players before the start of the Little League World Series, the new baseball Hall of Famer said today’s major leaguers are too focused on individual goals and getting big contracts.

    “You see a Manny Ramirez, you see an A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez], you see [Derek] Jeter … Guys that I played against and with, these guys you’re talking about cannot compare,” Rice said to Little Leaguers gathered in the cafeteria.

    A-Rod and Manny are fair game,  I suppose, since they both tested positive for PED’s, but why call out Jeter?  He’s never tested positive for PED’s and — my feelings about him notwithstanding — has a sterling reputation among his peers, his opponents, and just about everyone else.  I wonder why Jim Rice is calling out “Captain Intangibles?”

    -Posted by MJ

    2009 Draft Bill: $6.185M (approx.)

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    According to Baseball America’s draft database*, the Yanks signed 27 out of the 49 players they selected.  Because bonus terms were not disclosed for all 27 of these draftees, it’s hard to know how much more the Yanks shelled out beyond the $6,185,000 they gave to 11 of their newest bonus babies.

    BA also broke down the total bonus figures for each team’s top 10 draftees.  That information can be found here.

    As I’ve been complaining all week, my personal feeling is that there’s no reason why the #1 revenue team in baseball should be coming in behind other MLB teams in this particular area of player procurement.

    -Posted by MJ

    *I would post a link but because this info is hidden behind their pay-content wall, I don’t think non-subscribers would get to see the info…

    Yanks Unlikely To Sign 10th Round Selection

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    In following the machinations of the 2009 MLB Draft Signing “D-Day”, I’ve been paying close attention to what the Yanks would do with their 10th round selection,  Oklahoma State LHP Tyler Lyons.

    Admittedly, I am not personally familiar with Lyons, having never seen him pitch live or on TV.  I understand that there is a lot more that goes into judging a player than simply looking at statistics.  Yet without having ever seen Lyons pitch, I can go by pre-draft scouting reports and two unassailable facts:

    1. Although the Yanks drafted him in the 10th round, he was seen by Baseball America and others as borderline 2nd round talent.  Despite slipping to the 10th round based on a somewhat lackluster regular season (although he redeemed himself in the NCAA tournament) he was nevertheless regarded as a player who could go somewhere in the 2nd to 5th rounds; and

    2. He flat-out dominated the Cape Cod Baseball League to the tune of a 1.77 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, .210 BAA and 44 K’s in 45.2 IP.

    Why would you draft a player that you’re taking a flier on, let him pitch in the Cape Cod league and watch him dominate and then not sign him?  Presumably, the performance in the Cape should’ve solidified and justified the draft-day gamble on him and given the Yanks comfort that their flier was justfiied.

    Instead, according to a response I got from Baseball America’s Jim Callis, the Yanks balked at Lyons’s $500K bonus demand and will let him go back to OSU for his senior season.  I find this very odd.  While I philosophically understand the need to create a budget and stick to it, I am surprised that $500K was the budget’s threshold.

    It seems to me that Cashman and his draft team are operating backwards here.  $50M for Carl Pavano in 2005 was OK but 0.1% of that amount was too much to spend in 2009?  I grant that the attrition and failure rate for draftees is clearly high, yet I find it odd that the Yanks wouldn’t take a $500K chance on a young lefthanded arm.  After all, teams like the Orioles, Diamondbacks, A’s and Pirates are spending oodles of over-slot dollars for their later-round picks and international signings.  The Yanks can’t find $500K all of a sudden?  Huh?

    -Posted by MJ

    Yanks Sign 2nd Round Pick

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    Again, courtesy of Baseball America, the Yanks have come to terms with their second round pick (JR Murphy).  He signed a healthy, $1.25M bonus.

    -Posted by MJ

    Yankees Sign 1st, 5th Round Picks

    Posted by on August 17th, 2009 · Comments (2)

    According to Baseball America, the Yanks signed their first (Slade Heathcott) and fifth (Caleb Cotham) picks today.

    Heathcott got $2.2M in signing bonus money and Cotham got a deal worth $675K.

    -Posted by MJ

    A’s Dump Big G

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    The A’s have released Jason Giambi.

    If they had only done it sooner, the Big G could have played in the Yankees Old-Timer’s Game this year…

    …in any event, as I’ve said before, now the bartenders in Vegas could see some extra big tips this summer…

    Salfino: Forget Verducci Effect & Don’t Shut Down Joba

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    Mike Salfino has an interesting read up today at SNY.tv – click here to read it.

    Ties in nicely to what was posted here earlier this morning.

    USS Mariner: The Yankees And Lying And The Yankees Lying

    Posted by on August 4th, 2009 · Comments (6)

    From the USS Mariner WRT the Yanks as related to the Washburn trade. Granted, the authors have an anti-Yankee slant, which goes back to before 1995 (and was cemented after the Nelson/Martinez salary dump deal after that season) but the article still is worth a read.

    USS Mariner linky

    – Posted by Raf

    Roy Halladay To The Angels?

    Posted by on July 31st, 2009 · Comments (9)

    That’s the rumor, as per Jayson Stark on ESPN News now…Joe Saunders is reportedly in it with three other Angels…but, as Jayson says, this is not confirmed.

    If true, what do you think? Should the Yankees have been in play here?

    Update 4:22 pm ET: Now, on ESPN News, they’re saying that Stark is sharing there is no deal here.

    Update 4:38 pm ET: Via ESPN News, the Jays are issuing a statement that Roy Halladay will not be traded.

    Canseco: More to Come

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    As an addendum to my comment in the water cooler yesterday,  here is the article from ESPN. If you do the math, there’s only 1 player in the Hall of Fame that was in the bigs during the 2003 test and was a former teammate of Canseco’s…

    – Posted By Corey

    Another 2004 Bosox Confession On PED Use

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    Via “Arroyo: Andro was rumored tainted” –

    Bronson Arroyo, a former Boston Red Sox teammate of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, said he would not be surprised to find his name on a list of 104 ballplayers who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, after he had heard a then-legal supplement he was using was tainted with steroids, the Boston Herald reported.

    Arroyo, now with the Cincinnati Reds, told the Herald he does not know if Ortiz or Ramirez, who were identified in a New York Times story as also being on the list of 104, were taking anything. He said his knowledge of what his teammates did ended at the clubhouse door. But he does not believe their accomplishments should be diminished as a result.

    “In my mind, I think you have to lump the whole era together,” Arroyo said, according to the report. “A lot of people were doing it, a lot weren’t. I think pitchers probably gained 3 or 4 mph on their pitches and power hitters got some more power.

    “But guys like David and Manny, if they did something, it didn’t make them who they were. Did it make them a little better? Probably,” Arroyo said, according to the Herald.

    Betcha this is not the last one…cough, Trot Nixon, cough, cough

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