• No Pressure Guys

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    Masahiro Tanaka

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    Like every Japanese import pitcher, the bloom is starting to come off the rose. Hiroki Kuroda was probably the only exception.

    Matt Holliday

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    Great way to piss away $13 million bucks.

    OK, kidding aside, strangely, he was a beast on the road last year. Not sure what that means?

    Goodbye Brian McCann

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    McCann PLUS cash for two pitchers who have never faced a batter in Double-A.



    Who Is The 5th Best Manager In Yankees History?

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    You tell me.

    Rk Mgr Yrs From To W L W-L% Ties G>.500 G ▾ BestFin WrstFin AvRk
    1 Joe McCarthy HOF 16 1931 1946 1460 867 .627 21 593 2348 1 4 1.7
    2 Joe Torre HOF 12 1996 2007 1173 767 .605 2 406 1942 1 2 1.2
    3 Casey Stengel HOF 12 1949 1960 1149 696 .623 6 453 1851 1 3 1.3
    4 Miller Huggins HOF 12 1918 1929 1067 719 .597 10 348 1796 1 7 2.2
    5 Ralph Houk 11 1961 1973 944 806 .539 7 138 1757 1 10 4.1
    6 Joe Girardi 9 2008 2016 775 602 .563 0 173 1377 1 4 2.0
    7 Billy Martin 8 1975 1988 556 385 .591 0 171 941 1 5 2.2
    8 Clark Griffith HOF 6 1903 1908 419 370 .531 18 49 807 2 8 4.1
    9 Buck Showalter 4 1992 1995 313 268 .539 1 45 582 1 4 2.4
    10 Bill Donovan 3 1915 1917 220 239 .479 6 -19 465 4 6 5.0
    11 Lou Piniella 3 1986 1988 224 193 .537 0 31 417 2 5 3.4
    12 Yogi Berra HOF 3 1964 1985 192 148 .565 2 44 342 1 3 2.0
    13 Bucky Harris HOF 2 1947 1948 191 117 .620 1 74 309 1 3 2.0
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    Generated 7/4/2016.


    Happy Mother’s Day!

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    Happy Mother’s Day! to all the Moms out there today. (Holy cow! Where would we be without Mom?)

    Mike Lord

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    I don’t think he would have drafted Cito Culver in the first round.

    Injuried & Aloof?

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    That’s not a good combo to have in Yankeeland, is it?

    Via ESPN

    Jacoby Ellsbury’s tight right calf felt “better” this morning, according to Joe Girardi, but the manager said his new centerfielder would probably not be ready to play by tomorrow when his old team, the Boston Red Sox, come to The Boss for an afternoon game.

    “I hear he’s going to hit in the cage today, so I would think that’s going in the right direction,” Girardi said. “We’ll see how he feels and go from there.”

    But when asked if Ellsbury might be ready to play on Tuesday, Girardi said, “My guess would be no.”

    Ellsbury, who is not the chattiest sort of fellow, went through the clubhouse this morning without stopping to talk to reporters.

    Soooooo Cool!

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    Phil Hughes Sets A Yankees Record!

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    Tonight was Hughes’ 14th start this season in which he lasted fewer than five innings, the most of any Yankees pitcher in a season since 1916.

    THIS, Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Brian Cashman’s Ability To Seed A Farm System

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    MLB journeyman Ty Wigginton has hit more home runs than the Yankees’ entire 1997-2013 draft portfolio.

    I wonder if the Yankees GM will now start reading Tom Verducci the riot act?

    Chair Of Broken Dreams

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    This really is one of the coolest things ever. Via Steve Politi

    The inspiration for the most unique retirement gift in baseball history came on a routine road trip this spring.

    Ron Gardenhire, manager of the Minnesota Twins, was faced with an odd dilemma – figuring out how to honor a player who had tormented his franchise for nearly two decades – and his idea started as a question.

    “How about something with broken bats?” he asked a few team employees, before coming up with that perfect something. “Maybe a piece of furniture or something – like a rocking chair.”

    So the process began, and in case you had any doubts of just how respected Mariano Rivera is in baseball, the story of the “Chair of Broken Dreams” should put them to rest for good.

    It wasn’t enough for the Twins to hand Rivera an autographed jersey or something and send him on the way. They had to have something memorable. They had to have something perfect.

    They had to have the rocking chair. The team started to collect broken bats from current players, but when that didn’t seem like enough, it dug through its archives to find a few from former stars.

    Joe Mauer has a bat on the chair. So do Torii Hunter and the late Kirby Puckett. “I can’t tell you that Mariano broke them all himself,” said Dustin Morse, the team’s director of communications and a member of what the Twins called Team Rivera, “but he might have.”

    The bats were sent to a local furniture builder, and his progress was monitored closely. Mauer and first baseman Justin Morneau helped pick out a leather seat. No detail was overlooked, and that effort paid off at Target Field on Tuesday when Rivera laughed like an 8-year-old on Christmas morning when he saw it.

    “This,” Rivera said, “has been more than I expected.”

    Chair Broken Dreams

    The Knife For Teixeira?

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    Via the Daily News

    Mark Teixeira’s right wrist still hurts, even after getting a cortisone shot just over a week ago, which has set off alarm bells in Yankeeland.

    “Our doctors are obviously discussing it and working through it,” Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman said. “He’s having discomfort and that’s really all I can tell you.”

    Asked if the discomfort perhaps raises the chances of Teixeira needing surgery on the partially-torn tendon sheath that has caused him to miss much of the season, Cashman said, “Surgery’s never been off the table. If I have something more, I’ll report that.”

    The first baseman has played just 15 games this season because of the wrist injury he suffered as he prepared for the World Baseball Classic with Team USA in March. He came back on May 31 but was back on the disabled list after coming out of a game in Anaheim on June 15.

    A subsequent MRI revealed inflammation in his wrist, but no further structural damage. However, the cortisone shot that was supposed to ease pain hasn’t worked.

    If there is no underlying structural problem with the tendon sheath, the combination of cortisone and rest “can solve the problem for good right there,” said Dr. Michael Hausman, the Robert K. Lippman Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and vice-chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

    But if the symptoms can’t be controlled, surgery might be necessary, which the Yankees have acknowledged since Teixeira was hurt. “You generally try a couple of cortisone injections,” said Dr. Hausman, speaking generally because he is not treating Teixeira specifically. “The question is whether they’ll try to tide him over with the injection so he can finish the season and then, if he’s still symptomatic, perform the surgery in the off-season.”

    It’s the curse of Tino Martinez. Every big money first baseman that the Yankees have brought in since 2002 has eventually become a shell of the player that they signed. It’s either that, or, Cashman couldn’t smell a player full of PEDs just waiting to breakdown if it sat on his face.

    Yankees Starting Line-Up, Game 1, May 13, 2013

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    Brett Gardner CF
    Ichiro Suzuki LF
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Travis Hafner DH
    Brennan Boesch RF
    Chris Nelson 3B
    Corban Joseph 1B
    Chris Stewart C
    Alberto Gonzalez SS

    Yes, we’re the New York Yankees. Scary, huh?

    Schedule & Luck Reason Why Yanks In First?

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    Via David Schoenfield today –

    The Yankees are 23-13, tied for the second-best record in the majors behind the Rangers. They are doing it with that lineup mostly filled with freely available talent — heck, throw in designated hitter Travis Hafner in that group if you want. It’s a remarkable achievement, considering offense is half of the equation. Do we credit Brian Cashman and his staff for astute moves and finding the right needle and thread to patch things together? Or did they merely find the needle in the haystack?

    One strike of good fortune for the Yankees has been the schedule. The only AL East team they’ve played more than one series against so far has been the struggling Blue Jays. They’ve played just three games each against the Orioles, Red Sox and Rays, meaning they have 48 games left against those three opponents — 38 percent of their remaining schedule.

    The most remarkable thing about this team, however: Once they get the lead, they win. They’ve lost just one game all year after they’ve taken the lead.

    Maybe we should wait until June 3rd and see where the Yankees are then, before making a call on this?

    Yankees Starting Line-Up, May 7, 2013

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    Here it is:

    Ichiro Suzuki CF
    Jayson Nix SS
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Vernon Wells LF
    Ben Francisco RF
    Lyle Overbay 1B
    Chris Nelson 3B
    Chris Stewart C
    Hiroki Kuroda P

    Really? If you would have told me, in April of 2012, that the Yankees starting line-up on May 7, 2013 would be the group of guys, above, my reaction would have been “Dude, what are you smoking?”

    How the heck did this happen?

    Braves, Rangers, Giants, A’s, Rockies And Red Sox

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    Which of these six teams has surprised you the most this year?  Which one do you think is the real deal?

    It will be interesting to see if Texas-Oakland and Colorado-San Francisco battle it out all year.

    Also, the Orioles are not that far off from Red Sox.  The Braves, however, are still waiting for the Nationals to wake-up.