• John Sterling’s Lowest Moment?

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    WFAN Moving To FM & Taking Yankees With Them?

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    John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman in stereo? A warble in one speaker and crying in the other? Could it be?

    Via Jerry Barmash:

    Coming off its silver anniversary celebration, WFAN most powerful all-sports station in America, may be positioning itself for a dramatic dial switch to FM.

    Several factors are at play for WFAN to make that leap of frequency: First and foremost is last month’s announcement that CBS Sports Radio is being created. Original 24-hour programming will air on station’s throughout the country starting in January. But as early as September, CBS Sports Radio will provide updates to affiliated stations.

    One of those stations poised to take some of the network content is WFAN. Operations manager Mark Chernoff remains steadfast in the future of 660 AM.

    “WFAN is locally programmed, no change.”

    But there is much more to this story.

    ESPN got its much-coveted FM home in New York at 98.7 in April. Ratings have immediately been impressive. But beyond that, FM is not just attractive to listeners and advertisers, it’s attractive to sports franchises.

    The Yankees, heard on WCBS, are languishing through 2012 without a contract, in effect, like a lame duck president. They will be the biggest, off-season free-agent signing.

    A former CBS Radio employee, who asked to remain anonymous, tells FishbowlNY that the Yankees are likely done with WCBS.

    “If anything, they will go to the ‘FAN or WEPN FM,” the source says. “Whoever doesn’t get the Yankees will get the Mets, but there is a chance WFAN could try for both and clear the Mets on 660 and the Yankees on FM.”

    Despite the stronger night time signal AM offers, the Bombers will likely dictate the need for being on FM.

    “What the Yankees want to do is what the Giants have been doing, hold the broadcast rights and ‘lease’ time on a station,” the source adds. “WFAN then gets a guaranteed amount and loses the overhead of having to sell the spots while the Yankees retain total creative control and they have endless potential to profit as they sell spots. But it’s easier for those spots to be sold on FM even thought FM doesn’t have the full ‘reach’ like AM does.”

    Michael Kay’s Twitter War

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    Via Bob Raissman

    Michael Kay, the TV voice of the Yankees, the most storied franchise in sports, is not above mucking it up in a Twitter war — with a college kid. Wonder if Mel Allen and Red Barber would engage in such hijinx if Twitter was around in their day?

    And wonder what George Steinbrenner would think of the voice of his franchise telling a Twitter adversary: “LOL. What a punk. Twitter tough. Enjoy your miserable, ugly, insecure existence.”

    Kay, who also hosts ESPN-98.7’s afternoon drive show, clearly still has plenty of time on his hands.

    This epic Twitter “battle” was only a few posts away from “I’m rubber your glue.”

    It started when the kid, @JoeHendler9, said he would be listening to WFAN’s Mike Francesa. Kay replied by pointing out Francesa would not be on because the Mets were playing.

    “….Know stuff if ur a smart guy,” Kay tweeted. “Ohh, sry I forgot even better. I know you have it marked on your calendar everytime francesa isn’t up against you,” Hendler replied.

    Things went on and on and down hill from there. Very entertaining. Enough so for Kay to do a Twitter war of the week.

    At some point, I wonder, if Kay’s ESPN job will ever cost him his gig with the Yankees?

    Today’s Yankeeland News: Booze & Steroids

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    First, this via the AP

    YES Network television host Bob Lorenz has been charged with drunken driving in Connecticut where police say he was found passed out in his car in his hometown of Westport.

    The 48-year-old Lorenz was arrested early Wednesday morning. Police say they found him slumped over the wheel of his car and when they woke him up he drove away slowly and nearly hit a utility pole. Officers say his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol.

    Lorenz hosts pregame and postgame shows for the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets. He was arraigned Wednesday at Norwalk Superior Court and his case was continued to Feb. 29.

    There’s no phone listing for Lorenz and it’s not clear if he has a lawyer. A Yes Network spokesman declined to comment.

    And, then there’s this from the Daily News

    The woman accused of stalking and blackmailing Yankees GM Brian Cashman has injected steroids into the sordid mix.

    From Rikers Island, Louise Meanwell claimed Wednesday that Cashman told her he misled federal investigators over what the Bombers’ brass knew of steroid use by players.

    Meanwell, who claims she had an affair with Cashman, told the Daily News that Cashman confided to her that he was grilled in June or July by “the feds.”

    She said Cashman told her he made it seem like the Yankees had no knowledge of players’ steroid use when, in fact, they did.

    Cashman’s spokesman Chris Giglio vehemently denied the accusations.

    “These claims are complete and utter fiction, the latest installment of a carefully concocted campaign of harassment now spewing from a jail cell by a person who is being held on serious criminal felony charges of harassment and extortion,” Giglio said.

    A friend of Meanwell’s told The News he sent an email to federal investigators advising them of her claims.

    The friend said he sent the email to Ron Gardella, chief investigator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and FBI agent Brian Jacob.

    The email, obtained by The News, went on to say that Meanwell had “specific details” on dates and times that Cashman was aware of steroid use by players.

    Both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office refused to confirm or deny that Meanwell had informed them of her claims.

    Cashman was on prosecutors’ witness list for Roger Clemens’ trial on perjury charges last July before Judge Reggie Walton declared a mistrial on the first day of the proceedings in Washington. Walton has scheduled a new trial for April.

    I’m sure the Mets don’t mind the Yankees making the headlines with all this “stuff” and taking the spot-light off them and all their problems…

    Kim Jones Leaves Yankees YES Network

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    Here is the story.

    Don’t feel bad Yankees fans. Look at the Red Sox, they lost Heidi Watney. I’m sure that YES can find another field reporter who is willing to eat meat on a stick.

    Yankees Go Up Against MLB Network Intentional Talk

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    Watch out Rose & Millar.  Via the YES Network

    Former Yankees player and coach Willie Randolph, who most recently had been a coach with the Orioles and the Brewers, will join host Bob Lorenz in the studio when the YES Network premieres its Yankees Baseball Daily show this Monday, November 14, at 7 pm. Randolph will make regular appearances on Yankees Baseball Daily, YES’ five-night-a-week show which will cover the moves of not only the Yankees but all of MLB.

    Also on Monday, Yankees Baseball Daily will feature the first part of a two-part interview which YES Yankees reporter Jack Curry conducted with Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. The second part of the interview will air on Yankees Baseball Daily on Tuesday, November 15.

    Along the way this Hot Stove season, YES’ team of Bob Lorenz, Jack Curry, John Flaherty and Kimberly Jones will tap the most trusted sources in the New York market to contribute to the show.

    Not to be out-done, the Boston Red Sox announced that they will now have a show that airs six nights a week starting at 6:59 PM hosted by Joe Castiglione and Marty Barrett…

    Yanks Give 880 Another Year

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    Via Bob Raissman

    The Yankees will be staying on WCBS Radio – For at least one more year.

    Radio sources say the Bombers will sign a one-year extension with WCBS-AM, its radio home for the past 10 seasons.

    Sources said ESPN-1050 was in the running for the Yankees radio package, but Yankees brass had issues with 1050’s weak signal.

    With the package staying at WCBS it’s likely Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling, aka, Ma and Pa Pinstripe, will return to the radio microphones for the 2012 season.

    John Sterling is likely to return to Yankees radio booth after sources say Bombers will ink a new deal with WCBS-AM.

    Sounds like ESPN told the Yankees that they should have a stronger signal in 2013.

    I figure that the Yankees want to be aligned with an all-sports talk station at some point, like the Mets have with WFAN.

    Now, it would really be cool if the Yankees started their own radio station…which I think I suggested in the past, here, once before…

    Getting To Know John “Jack” Sloss, Harry Moskowitz, John Sterling…Or Whatever His Name Is…

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    This is a great read on John Sterling

    At some point, the Yankees are going to pull the plug on him.  I just wonder who will get his job…

    YES, A Sense Of Humor

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    Today’s YES Network Totoya Text Poll is a good one:

    In a movie about the YES Network, who would play Michael Kay?

    • Jeff Garlin
    • Jim Belushi
    • John Goodman
    • Kiefer Sutherland
    • Vince Vaughn

    Funny stuff.

    Word To Michael Kay

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    You did a great job when Jeter passed the Iron Horse – allowing the video and crowd reaction to tell the story after it happened.  Please do the same when he gets hit #3,000.

    Booth Boys

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    Six years ago, I said that I would go with Ken Singleton, Jim Kaat and Paul O’Neill for every game in the YES booth.  But, you know what?  Michael Kay, Al Leiter and Paul O’Neill seem to really have fun in the booth together.  I actually don’t mind Kay in this set-up.  I could live with that too – and then use Ken Singleton and/or David Cone as a fill in when someone needed a day off.  What about John Flaherty?  Put him on the radio with Jack Curry…would that work?

    Bob Lorenz & John Flaherty Working Yanks Series In Motown

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    I guess the rest of the YES boys don’t want to spend four days in Detroit, if they can avoid it.

    Seven Types Of Sterling Homer Calls

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    Joe jolts it…simply Delessioso!

    DirecTV: If Tube Goes Black, Blame Yanks

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    Via WFAN

    If you were watching the Yankees’ home opener Thursday afternoon, you probably noticed a commercial on YES urging fans to “be heard” in the network’s ongoing contract battle with DirecTV.

    An updated video posted to the YES website ominously states, “Attention DirecTV subscribers: The YES Network’s current agreement with DirecTV expires tonight. Starting tomorrow you may lose your entire season of Yankees baseball on YES.

    “We’ve been working diligently towards new deal but despite our continued negotiations, DirecTV may cease to carry the YES network. We’re doing everything we can to resolve this situation and ensure a full season of Yankees baseball on YES.”

    As of 11:59 p.m. Friday, the TV home of the Yankees and Nets will be without an agreement with DirectTV. Whether YES will actually be pulled off the air is unclear.

    “DIRECTV plans to keep the channel up while we conclude these negotiations,” said the satellite provider in a statement. “However, if the channel should go dark for any reason, make no mistake that it was solely the decision of YES Network to take the channel away from DIRECTV customers.”

    Remember the YES and Cablevision 16-month dispute? Will this one top that? Sad, if it does…

    YES Censoring Affiliated Bloggers?

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    I’m a little late to the party on this one. Just saw this news via Greg Cohen.

    Shocking? Not really.

    This I can share: In the two years that I was a member of the blog network for SportsNet New York’s official website, SNY.tv, from 2008 to 2010, I was never asked – ever – to rescind or retract something that I posted. Stress that: Never, ever – at all.

    But, it seems YES has a different policy with their bloggers. Something to keep in mind when you read the YES affiliated bloggers, now, I assume…

    If this is all true, you can expect the YES blogs to always feed the fanboy Yankees-blinders and Pinstripe-Pollyanna throng all the pablum that they crave, but, that’s it – and nothing more.

    Yankees/YES Trying To Hide Cashman At Soriano Presser?

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    Reportedly, Rafael Soriano’s new contract with the Yankees represents the fifth highest average salary ever paid to a relief pitcher.  Only Mo Rivera, Brad Lidge, K-Rod and Joe Nathan made more on an annual basis than what New York will pay Soriano.

    And, the press conference to officially announce his deal is today at 10 am ET. And, what’s on the YES Network right now at ten AM?   Not the press conference.  Instead, it’s a Yankees Classics game from 2009. Why? Is this not big enough news for YES to carry live? Or, are they trying to hide something here?

    At least the Baseball Channel at MLB.com is broadcasting this one.

    Update: 10:20 am ET. The press conference finally starts. Levine, Cashman, Girardi, Trost, and Afterman are there from the Yankees front office. Cashman talks first. Basically says nothing for ten seconds and then hands the podium to Girardi.

    Girardi gives Soriano uniform #29 and Cashman places a Yankees cap on Soriano’s head. It’s photo-op time.

    Update: 10:25 am ET. Soriano speaks. It’s all in Spanish. Yankees have a translator there to help him with the media Q&A. Soriano says he’s happy to set up Mo now but he hopes to be the Yankees closer in the future.

    Update: 10:34 am ET. Soriano still doing Q&A. And, I think I figured out why YES is not carrying this one. The presser is about as exciting as being stuck in traffic on Geroge Washington Bridge. Soriano is 31-years old and has been playing baseball in America since 1999. But, evidently, he’s got no ability to speak any English.

    Update: 10:35 am ET. Soriano is done. That’s it – Jason Zillo says they will break into groups now in the back of the room for media members to ask questions informally. MLB.com drops the feed. Wow. A whopping 15 minutes. I guess we’ll have to read the papers to get the Cashman reaction to any questions.

    Update: 11:13 am. Via Peter Botte – Cashman: “Its not my team. I don’t own it. They do…In any job you better be prepared for every decision to not go your way. I think 29 other GMs would love to have their owner shove Rafael Soriano down their throat.”

    Down their throat, or, up their poop chute, Cash?

    Yanks & WCBS-AM To Part Ways After Season?

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    Via Bob Raissman

    Is the curtain falling on Ma and Pa Pinstripe? Will next season be John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman’s last in the Yankees radio booth?

    Right now their future is up in the air. The Yankees contract with WCBS-AM, worth about $12 million per year, expires at the end of the 2011 season, so do Sterling and Waldman’s pacts. Sterling has been the radio voice of the Yankees since 1989. Waldman joined him in 2005.

    There has yet to be any serious negotiations between the Yankees and WCBS. The job status of Ma and Pa cannot be resolved until a new radio-rights deal is cut. Industry moles say other outlets have chatted informally with Bombers brass. These potential suitors are looking to get a sense of which direction the club wants to go with its radio rights.

    Outside of WCBS, which probably wants to keep the Yankees, it’s highly likely ESPN will – if it hasn’t already – stick its beak into the mix. For ESPN-1050, the process of trying to chip away at WFAN, longtime Mets rights holder, has not been easy.

    Adding Yankees radiocasts to the mix of Jets, Knicks and Rangers would help change the equation – drastically. But how much would ESPN be willing to pay for the radio rights to Yankees baseball? And would pinstripe honchos be satisfied having their games go out over ESPN-1050’s weak signal? That situation could be corrected if ESPN ever purchases another station with stronger reach.

    There also has been talk about the Yankees buying a radio station.

    I really don’t see the Yankees getting rid of Sterling and Waldman. Heck, they’re still doing the YMCA when they drag the infield, right? The Yankees hardly get rid of something when it’s time for it to go. Whatever they do, in terms of picking a station and choosing broadcasters, I just hope they do the right thing. There are many, many, people out there in Yankeeland who use the radio broadcasts as their main way to follow the team. And, it would be a crime against that part of their fan base if the Yankees screw this up…somehow.

    Feeding Michael Kay

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    Via the Post with a h/t to BBTF

    Yankee announcer Michael Kay is a real meathead.

    And now that local TV anchor Jodi Applegate is about to marry him, she’s desperately trying to figure out how to please a man wedded to only three foods: steak, bacon, and chicken parmesan.

    That’s all her fiancé ever wants to eat.

    “He will eat a salad, but only if it’s iceberg lettuce, and nothing else, no dressing. So it’s basically frozen water served with a fork,” says Applegate, a self-described foodie wannabe.

    “Chicken parm is probably the most exotic thing he’ll eat — and he’ll eat mozzarella cheese because it’s in chicken parm,” said Applegate, who anchors the evening news for cable Channel 12 on Long Island.

    On their first date, they ordered a caprese salad to share — but Kay took all the mozzarella and left her the tomatoes.

    “I was immediately nervous. I thought, ‘OK, is he just a quirky guy, or is he really OCD about what he eats?’ So I threw a tomato on his plate to see if he freaked out. He just laughed, thank goodness,” she recalled.

    She also tried to make him classic French beef bourguignon, which she told him was beef stew. That’s when she learned he won’t eat soup.

    Kay says he’ll never give up his three favorites — especially the chicken parm.

    Can you say “See-ya!” to good cardiovascular health?

    Waldman Defends Jeter

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    There’s no such thing as “Pasta Diving Waldman!”

    Via Bob Raissman

    So it has been these tales of the Captain “slowing down” and slumping, accompanied by visions of [Derek] Jeter, 36, walking to shortstop with a cane followed by a ball boy carrying a package of Depends, that is feeding the media. Once again, Jeter, in this alleged “twilight,” is throwing a banquet for notebooks and microphones.

    Thursday, on the other end of the telephone, Suzyn Waldman (aka Ma Pinstripe/Georgie Girl) was talking about 2004 when Jeter had an 0-for-32 stretch in April. She remembered how he stood and answered all the questions. This time around it’s more complicated. It’s September. He’s older. And there’s a contract negotiation, likely his last, waiting for him.

    “All the people doing the talking are shortsighted, very shortsighted,” Waldman said. “I don’t think any of the talk, any of the stories, affect Derek at all. Everybody is jumping to conclusions because they need something to talk about.”

    “You’re watching a career go full circle,” Waldman said. “It’s not over, trust me. Wait and watch how this season plays out. Stop looking at it game to game. Baseball is a game of attrition. Let’s see where Derek’s standing in October. Then shoot your mouth off.”

    “The Jeter contract is not a delicate situation at all. I think the Yankees will give Jeter what he wants,” Waldman said. “But nobody knows what he wants. They’re all jumping to ridiculous conclusions.”

    Suzyn is starting to remind me of the old aunt in your family who you love because she’s your aunt, but, who you love even more because she’s an older lady who shares your passion for baseball. However, as much as you love her, you cringe every time she starts to talk something baseball-related and is wrong, since you really don’t want to tell her that she’s wrong because she’s your old baseball-loving aunt who you love very much…

    Speaking Hypothetically On A-Rod, Swisher & Others

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    From tonight’s post-game coverage on YES:

    Kim Jones to Joe Girardi: Joe, hypothetically speaking, could you be without Rodriguez, Swisher and Berkman tomorrow?

    Girardi: Hypothetically, yes.

    It’s exchanges like this that make me wonder why we have the manager’s post-game press conference after each game…

    And, speaking hypothetically, isn’t it time to tell Javy Vazquez that he’s going to sit it out until he’s able to throw a major league fastball and/or pitch more than four innings in a start? Or, is that more rhetorical than hypothetical?

    Corcoran Joins YES

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    Cliff Corcoran is joining the YES Network.

    Cliff always reminded me of Al Leiter. And, now that they’re both at YES, it’s going to even harder for me to tell them apart. Then again, I always mix up Manahawkin and Mantoloking too. So, maybe it’s just me?

    Seriously, I’ve met Cliff at least once – maybe twice? – and he seems like a really good guy. And, it’s always nice to see nice things happen for nice people. So, of course, my congrats go out to him on the new gig!

    YES Takes On FanTake

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    Via NYConvergence:

    The YES Network, the the cable channel owned by the New York Yankees, reached an agreement this week to partner with sports fan community website FanTake to add it to YESNetwork.com. FanTake is a network of blog, podcasts, videos which, rather than focusing on a particular sport of region of the U.S., covers all pro and college sports nationally.

    The partnership is part of the YES Network desire to reach more Yankee fans who are not baded in the NYC area.

    It’s interesting to watch what RSN websites are doing these days. Earlier this year, SNY.tv took over NYYFans.com.

    It’s all about the numbers. These sites want to get other sites under their umbrella so that they can roll up the traffic numbers (from these acquired sites) into their own – and then pitch the overall page view counts to their potential advertisers. Also, the more page views, meaning the bigger audience, allows the RSN sites to charge more for their ads.

    So, when it says the YES Network’s desire is to “reach more Yankee fans who are not baded in the NYC area,” don’t take that to mean YES is trying to reach out to more fans to help the fans. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access the YES website if they have an internet connection. This is all about adding another site’s traffic to their totals, with the hope that it leads to more advertising revenue, and that’s all.

    Does Kim Jones Get To Go To The Bachelor Party?

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    Michael Kay puts a ring on it for Jodi Applegate.

    I wonder if anyone has warned Jodi that she’s going to be using a thesaurus a heckuva lot more often than a Kama Sutra book once she ties the knot with Kay?

    GQ Doesn’t Love Or Hate YES

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    But, click here to see who they do love and hate.

    Bob Lorenz

    Posted by on June 7th, 2010 · Comments (12)

    Did you catch any of Bob Lorenz’ play-by-play work this weekend on YES?

    I thought he did a solid job.

    What I liked most about Lorez was his style. He’s got that nice and “every guy” delivery but it’s very professional and polished – somewhat like it was with Frank Messer, back in the day.

    And, what I loved about listening to Bob Lorenz do these games was that he made sure the story was “the game” – instead of attempting to make “his announcing of the game” be the story of the game. You know what I mean? (See: Kay, Michael.)

    What did you think of Bob Lorenz in the booth this weekend?

    Fan Lays Pork Chop Chomp On Kim Jones’ Meat Stick

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    The revenge of Pork Chop Pough? No, it’s just some yahoo eating Kim Jones’ cold other white meat…

    Via Mark Feinsand

    One of the new features this season on the YES Network’s telecasts has been an in-game report by Kim Jones, whose topics have ranged from the latest struggles of Mark Teixeira to updates on the multitude of injured Yankees players.

    Thursday night’s topic was an update on Curtis Granderson, but Jones also showcased some of the unique concessions offered at Target Field. One of those items is a “Pork Chop on a Stick,” which Jones held up for display during her report.

    Unbeknown to her, a fan wearing a Yankees jersey and hat snuck up behind her while she was on the air and took a bite out of the pork chop.

    “I can’t believe this right now,” Jones said to fellow YES broadcasters Michael Kay and Al Leiter on the air. “I’ve lost control of this. Al, I was going to bring it back to you.”

    Kay expressed his disgust at the fan’s action, to which Jones replied, “I can’t tell you how revolting it is.”

    Here’s the video:

    No truth to the rumor that the fan later came down with a bad case of Nick Swisher’s cooties…

    Ron Darling

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    I was driving into work this morning and listening to WFAN. It was some time between eight and nine. Ron Darling was being interviewed. He was talking about all of David Wright’s problems. (And, is it just me, or, are they just killing Wright these days in Metsville? Remember when they were calling him the Mets version of Derek Jeter? Well, that didn’t last too long, did it?) Darling also talked about the importance of the Mets making a good showing against the Yankees.

    Darling is a Met. And, as he disclosed on the interview this morning, his father is a big Red Sox fan. That’s a lot to be turned off by…if you’re a Yankees fan.

    However, and I’ve said this before, Ron Darling is incredibly good as a baseball analyst. He’s probably the best in New York, in my opinion.

    The Yankees/YES have some good announcers. But, they don’t have anyone in the class of Darling.

    If I recall correctly, Darling was doing Washington Nationals games before coming to the Mets. Shame the Yankees missed the chance to get him. But, that said, maybe there’s someone else out there doing work for a team who’s great, like Darling, who’s looking to upgrade to the big stage in Yankeeland?

    If you could pick one announcer/analyst from another team and get him hired by YES, who would you pick. For me, it’s Ron Darling. How about you?

    Yankees To Be 1st MLB Telecast In 3D

    Posted by on May 5th, 2010 · Comments (5)

    Pete Dougherty has the story.

    So, which YES broadcast team member are you most afraid of seeing in 3D?

    Yankeeography – New York Yankees 2009

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    I can’t believe it has taken me over 4 months to see this one, but, last night, I caught the Yankeeography on the 2009 season (for the first time). Man, was it good. Very well done. I later found out that it’s available on DVD too – entitled “New York Yankees 2009 – Season of Pride, Traditions & Glory.” It’s just as good as those year-end VHS summaries that MSG used to do.

    Jen Royle

    Posted by on April 19th, 2010 · Comments (6)

    I just wanted to say that Oriolesville’s gain is Yankeeland’s loss. How’d the New York market ever let her go?

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