• The Story Behind This Blog

    Back in April of 2005, I started this blog to write about the New York Yankees. And, it became very popular. By the end of 2007 and into the start of 2008, it was one of the more popular “Yankees Blogs” around at that time.

    However, somewhat soon after the popularity of this blog was at its peak, readership started to trend in the other direction.

    If pressed to offer a time where the interest in this blog started to fall off, I would say it was midway through 2008.   However, in the end, there were a good number of “loyal readers” who continued to read the blog into 2009  – and who stayed with it during 2010 and 2011.

    While that was nice, and appreciated, in October of 2011, I decided that I no longer wanted to write about the Yankees.   Seven baseball seasons was enough.  And, I elected to close the blog down at the end of the month.

    O.K., still with me?

    While authoring this blog, back in June of 2007, I started contributing (as well) to the blog at Baseball-Reference.com (herein B-R.com).

    Unlike my work at WasWatching.com, my postings at B-R.com were not limited to things connected to the Yankees and being a fan of the team. At B-R.com, my contributions were centered around mining the data at that site, using their Play Index tool, and writing on baseball, past and present, and not limiting the discussion to one team.

    It wasn’t a massive gig for me at B-R.com. On average, I wrote about 22 posts a month for that blog – compared to the 145 posts a month that I was adding to WasWatching.com (on average) when the blog here was hot and heavy. In any event, I sincerely enjoyed the work I was doing at B-R.com. And, it was my intention to keep doing that after WasWatching.com closed.

    Then, something unforeseen happened. On the very day that I closed down WasWatching.com, I was informed that the blog at B-R.com was closing as well.

    Talk about a “First you say, then you do it” moment!

    There I was, stuck in transit, between the door that I had just closed behind me and the door in front of me being closed by someone else.

    It was a bummer, for sure.

    Writing at the B-R.com was a wonderful experience. (And, one that I will forever be grateful to have over five baseball seasons.)   And, that’s why my plan, when shutting down WasWatching.com, was to continue writing at B-R.com.

    So, now what?

    At first, I thought about starting another blog to mirror what I was doing at B-R.com. However, I didn’t want to take on the expense of getting a URL, setting up the site, paying the hosting fees, etc. Plus, I had this blog just sitting here, doing nothing, collecting dust – albeit for just a few days.

    So, I decided to take WasWatching.com out of mothballs and revamp it.

    Instead of using it to write only about the Yankees (and things somewhat Yankees related), effective November 2011, the focus of contributions here will be “baseball” related – using baseball stats, baseball news reports and/or whatever else floats my boat.

    And, that’s the story behind this blog.